Top 5 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business


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A reliable security camera system offers an array of advantages for any Australian business. By recording the everyday activity in your workplace, you can mitigate theft (both internal and external), identify visitors, protect yourself from lawsuits, and monitor productivity.

These crucial benefits could save you significant sums of cash each year, all for a relatively small initial investment.

Read on for the nitty-gritty details of how a security camera system can benefit your business.

Deter Intruders

Regardless of how well insured your business may be, a midnight break-in could prove catastrophic. Replenishing stock and lost income will hit your bottom line hard, putting your business under enormous and unnecessary financial strain.

A CCTV camera wholesaler offers highly effective solutions for preventing the dreaded break-in. While cameras are great at helping police identify intruders, their real strength lies in the power of deterrence. Upon spotting a security camera system, would-be thieves would simply move onto a softer target.

To maximise your systems’ effectiveness, be sure to make your cameras highly visible from the exterior of the premises, preferably with an attached motion sensor spotlight to illuminate the space.

Identify Visitors

If you manage a restricted workplace, you need to be able to quickly and accurately identify every incoming guest.

While some businesses opt for audio intercoms or a keypad, a video camera system offers the safest solution. Staff can see and hear who’s approaching the premises, giving them all the information they need to decide whether to allow the visitor inside.

Audio intercoms, on the other hand, can result in misinterpretation, while pin codes can be shared between unscrupulous staff.

Public-facing businesses can benefit from the ability to identify customers instantly. For example, retailers have the capability to monitor visitors and are able to quickly pin point anyone that poses as a risk for removal.


Reduce Theft

Theft costs Australian businesses some $3 billion a year. Therefore, there’s a pretty good chance light-fingered “customers” have a tangible negative impact on your business’s bottom line.

Retailers have long known that security cameras are essential at preventing shoplifting. As most thieves are opportunistic, they tend to look elsewhere upon spotting a camera in your store. Again, ensure the camera is visible to everyone who enters and install signage to alert customers they’re being monitored.

But security cameras aren’t only effective at deterring shoplifters; they’re also a powerful solution against employee theft. Around 22% of crime-related retail loss comes from within. Security cameras are superb at dissuading staff from slipping notes out of the till or stealing stock from the storeroom.

Legal Protection

A lawsuit could be enough to send your business broke. Whether it’s a workplace injury or a harassment claim, the potential settlements and associated legal fees can stack up fast.

Unfortunately, not all claimants and lawyers are honest when filing a suit. Some may exaggerate the conditions that led to an injury, while others may invent a far-fetched harassment scenario to obtain a payout. And without solid evidence, it can be difficult to prove them wrong in court.

Security camera suppliers offer the ideal solution for protecting your business in the courtroom. By providing a video record of the event, you’ll be able to safeguard your company from frivolous and erroneous lawsuits. CCTV footage can also come in handy should you need to make an insurance claim.

Monitor Productivity

While most workers put in 110%, there can be a time when employers are required to remind staff on their performance. When dealing sensitive situations like a termination for poor performance, it can be a legal minefield and the consequences for an unfair dismissal are severe.

A security system supplier has the products a business needs to monitor these events should they arise, in order to be used as evidence when required. Additionally, video footage can support the business’s case if employees we’re to take matters further.

As you can see, security cameras benefit businesses in multiple ways, from deterring theft to rapid identification and legal protections.

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