Case Study | Honeywell Alarm, HiLook IP CCTV with Wireless Access Points


Perth, Western Australia


Perth Hills Electrical – Liam Foley


The customer lives on a rural property in Western Australia, where the Main Residence and the Workshop are approximately 75m apart.

The Workshop had recently been burgled. The owner works on a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) basis, and so he required an Alarm and CCTV system to be installed in the Workshop and Main Residence. Being regularly away from this property for extended periods, he wants to be notified on his phone of any alarm event.

Whilst mains power is available at the Workshop, internet access is only available at the Main Residence. Landscaping between the buildings and trenching costs made a cabled solution an unfeasible option.


Since the established landscaping made cabling too difficult, the following solution was designed to meet the customer’s needs:

An 8-channel HiLook IP CCTV system was installed with the cameras located inside and outside of both buildings. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) was installed in the Main Residence together with the Internet modem.

A Honeywell VISTA-12 intruder alarm system was installed in the Workshop. It incorporated a Connect-2-Go module, which provides remote access and notification to a mobile device.

The CCTV cameras and Connect-2-Go module in the Workshop are connected to a POE switch, which is connected to a Wireless Access Point (WAP) outside the Workshop. The WAP points line-of-sight to another WAP fitted at the Main Residence 75m away. The WAP units provide wireless connectivity of IP cameras from the Workshop to the Main Residence, as well as Internet connectivity from the Main Residence to the Workshop.

This system also provides the customer with remote access and notification via his mobile device, to his home security and CCTV system from anywhere around the world.

Products Used

Honeywell Vista Alarm Kit (PSAV12K1)

Connect2Go Internet Module (PSAEYZEVL40CG)

HiLook 8ch IP Kit (HLIK-4384TH-MMC)

HiLook 4MP Turret (HLIPC-T240H)

IP-COM 8 Port POE Switches (IPCF1109P-8-102)

IP-COM Wireless Access Points (IPCCPE3)

Picture 1: Honeywell Alarm Panel, Connect-2-Go module & PoE switches located in the Workshop.

Picture 2: HiLook Turret, IP-Com Wireless Access Point (WAP) & Alarm Siren @ Workshop. The WAP sends IP camera images to the NVR at the Main Residence and provides the internet link from the Main Residence.

Picture 3: Honeywell VISTA-12 keypad located within the Workshop.

Picture 4: HiLook Turret Dome Camera within the Workshop.

Picture 5: IP-Com Wireless Access Point at Main Residence. The WAP receives video images from the Workshop and provides the Internet link to the Workshop.

Picture 6: HiLook NVR and modem at the Main Residence, which is linked to the IP-COM WAP unit in Picture 5.

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