2017 is a special year for ACI Farfisa Italy, being its 50th Anniversary.

Farfisa started in the 1960s as a division of the legendary “Farfisa Musical Instruments” brand.  At the time, they were the first to think of, build and popularise intercoms in Italy and abroad.  Today they are amongst a few in their sector to have ventured into the global market, merging a solid managerial and industrial background with the excellence of authentic Italian manufacturing.

PSA Products has been the main distributor of ACI Farfisa products in Australia since 2003.  Not only that, we are an educator of the product having run ACI Farfisa workshops all over Australia with contractors who love the product and are keen to learn more about it.

With our long standing relationship with Farfisa, we are excited to hear what new developments and initiatives they have for the upcoming year.

Congratulations ACI Farfisa Italy!