Important Smoke Alarm Checks For Landlords

man hand opening up builtin smoke alarm

Getting ready for the new stringent smoke alarm legislation in Victoria will mean that landlords have to understand what current system they have in place. Only then can they ensure they are compliant with the smoke alarm regulations and also, they know how to give instruction to their tenants around maintaining and testing the system. If you are not sure what you should be looking for, here are the two most important checks to make.

Check for compliant smoke alarms

At PSA, all of our products such as our HomeGuard Smoke Alarm and Lifesaver Smoke Alarm are compliant and certified smoke alarms, so when it comes to installing a new system, you can be assured they meet the required Australian Standard 3786:2014. If you have inherited a smoke alarm system, then check the labelling on the units and it should state it conforms to this national safety standard “ActivFire” and confirm the unit is well within its 10-year product life.

If your smoke alarms are old or you do not have the relevant installation and service documentation, and cannot see this labelling, then it is time to invest in new smoke alarms. You can then be assured of having the correct manufacturer’s user instructions and warranty details, that will then inform your annual servicing as outlined in the new smoke alarm legislation.

Check if hard-wired or battery operated

The reason this is important is because landlords need to understand that critical to this new legislation are the regulations around where to place, install and test smoke alarms. Also, ensuring that landlords keep updated and accurate records of purchase, warranty, testing and service history is key to the new smoke alarm laws. Lithium powered or battery smoke alarms can be installed by anyone, but the landlord has to ensure this has been carried out in accordance with the new legislation.

Hard-wired units are wired direct into the property’s main power supply and this can only be carried out by a licensed electrician. For landlords who have taken on a new property to rent and identified hard-wired smoke alarms, get an electrician in to service and check for damaged wiring and keep a record of any new installations and servicing. Only a licensed electrician will be able to carry out installations or replacements on these types of units.

Get these checks carried out now to make sure you will be ready for changes in smoke alarm legislation. If you would like to find out more about our smoke alarms that are compliant with the new legislation in Victoria, contact the friendly team at PSA Products today. For key tips to comply with the new smoke alarm laws, click here. For general information about the new smoke alarm laws, read this article.