A Real Lifesaver

PSA has been protecting Australians with our line of fire, security, and intercom products since 1985. Our latest smoke alarm, the PSA LIFESAVER LIF10YPEW, is designed with photoelectric sensing technology. Photoelectric sensors are quick to detect smouldering fires and are less likely to be triggered by cooking or steam from the shower.

This model also comes with two mesh screens that bar bugs from coming in around the perimeter and through the sensor chamber and setting off the alarm.

If the sensor does set off spurious alarms, the LIF10YPEW can easily be silenced with its single-button Test and Hush feature.

We’re All Connected

In addition to the lifesaving photoelectric sensor, the LIF10YPEW has a built-in wireless interlink module. The wireless connectivity alerts occupants to a fire in any area of their home by sounding an alert in every room where one of the compatible units is located.

The LIF10YPEW is compatible with PSA’s mains powered models LIF5800/2 and LIF5800RL/2 when they are installed with an LIFWMB2 wireless base plate. It can interconnect up to twenty-four other wireless units using radio frequency signals. It can also be used as a standalone unit. Radio frequency (RF) technology does not require a WiFi connection to transmit a signal.

Safety Standards

The PSA LIFESAVER LIF10YPEW and wireless connectivity meets Australian Smoke Alarm standards AS3786:2014 and are compliant with current Queensland legislation. Queensland requires that homeowners have a photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarm in every bedroom and hallway in their residence.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services department worked with the Government of Queensland to develop the legislation that requires this type of alarm to be installed in homes. They offer a free program called Safehome in which firefighters visit homes to discuss fire safety concerns and advise householders on the correct placement of smoke alarms.

Instant Installation

The LIF10YPEW can easily be attached to any flat surface using the included mounting base. Although other models sold by PSA need to be hard-wired and are best installed by an experienced electrician, the LIF10YPEW can be installed by anyone and is activated as soon as it is connected to the mounting base. Once it is installed, its tamper-resistant features keep it secure.

Designed to Last

The LIF10YPEW comes fitted with a non-replaceable seal 10-year lithium battery to last the life of the product. It is backed by a 10-year warranty.