Innovative Intercom

When you need the latest in wireless security for your home or office, check out Panacom’s innovative PAN810WK video intercom system. Available now from PSA Products, this affordable system lets you monitor activity on a 7” colour screen that is wirelessly connected to a door camera. The kit includes the PAN810WM colour monitor with mounting bracket and power supply, and one PAN810WD camera with a rainhood and charging cable. The components are paired and synced when they are shipped from the factory for easy installation.


Easily Expandable

The system can be expanded with the addition of a second door camera and up to three additional PAN810WC closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The PAN810WK operates using a 2.4 GHz long-range frequency so homes from tiny houses to massive mansions can use this security system. Its wireless capability and 100-meter line of sight provide great coverage for indoor and outdoor spaces. The door camera(s) and optional CCTV cameras are weather resistant for outdoor use. The CCTV cameras also have an 85° viewing angle and an infrared light source that gives the viewer the ability to see who’s at the door even in low-light conditions. An illuminated call button makes communication easy for guests.

Staying Safe

When safety is a concern, the recording feature can be used to take a snapshot or record a video. Up to 32GB of photos or video clips can be stored on an SD card. Automatic recording can be triggered when the doorbell is pressed, or a recording can be started manually using the monitor.

Multitasking Monitor

Monitoring the camera (or cameras) is done on a conveniently sized, high-resolution screen with a 90° viewing angle. Quad screen monitoring allows homeowners or office personnel to view up to four separate areas simultaneously with the purchase of additional door or CCTV cameras. The monitor can be placed on a flat surface or hung on the wall with the included hardware. Its brightness, color, and volume can easily be adjusted with the buttons on the side and front of the unit.

 A Powerful Product

Long-lasting lithium batteries in each component can be recharged using the included power supplies. The door’s battery can last up to three months depending on usage and the monitor can last up to eight hours in the event of a power failure.


To learn more about this new video intercom system, or to order the PAN810WK for your home or office, visit PSA’s website at