Safety meets Style

For over 30 years, PSA Products has been safeguarding families with a wide range of fire, security and intercom solutions. A trusted Australian owned company recently expanded their range with a cutting-edge smoke alarm that is optimised with safety, convenience and aesthetics – the LIFESAVER SILHOUETTE 5800ACF.

Designed with the capability of detecting visible particles from smouldering fires far more rapidly than an ionisation alarm, the advanced photoelectric sensing technology provides occupants with an early warning in the event of fire. The mains-powered device runs off a standard 240V source and features a 10-year non-removable lithium battery to last the life of the product.  Measuring a mere 110mm wide and 28.5mm high installed, this low-profile alarm and single-piece design facilitates quick and simple installation and blends seamlessly into any interior space.

The LIFESAVER SILHOUETTE 5800ACF is designed with a user-friendly dual ‘test’ and ‘hush’ button that allows occupants to be confident it is working through regular recommended testing, and to silence nuisance alarms when required. The green and red LED indicators communicate the status of the unit, while a low battery warning signals when its lifespan is coming to an end. This smoke alarm is fitted with an integral dual anti-insect mesh, reducing the effects of insects and debris build up and the occurrence of nuisance alarms.

While the LIFESAVER SILHOUETTE 5800ACF may operate as a standalone alarm, it can also be interconnected to up to 24 units and the device seamlessly integrates with a variety of other PSA products, including heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms.

If you’re looking for the security needed to protect the home with the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing, look no further than the PSA LIFESAVER 5800ACF flush smoke alarm. This easy-to-install and highly effective photoelectric comes with a 10-year warranty and is designed with the latest in smoke alarm technology on the market, providing the best detection across a range of fires.