Supply Chain Chaos

It is widespread knowledge that there is constant strain on supply chain from factors like the pandemic and natural disasters. Ports in China are suffering from a lack of supply of containers and have not only caused prices to skyrocket by almost 3-fold but also resulting in catastrophic delays.


On top of delays and upward price pressures, for many, it’s also a battle of securing a container and having it shipped out. This theme has rebounded into the air freight industry, companies like DHL are seeing products being air-freighted whereas previously would have never been deemed worthwhile.


As world economies rebound back from the effects of the pandemic in 2020, the demand of products has been all time high leading to material shortages across the world and increasing prices as supply is limited. This has affected the high demand in all forms of freight across the world.


At about the time of mid-September, Ningbo, a major port in China’s Zhejiang area was hit by Super Typhoon Chanthu and was forced to close. From 13th of September, Shanghai Port also ceased operations in container yards and terminals. Although the delays were only expected to be between 4 to 6 days, the constant pressure and battle to secure containers and shipment dates extends days into weeks. What easily might be a 4-day delay can easily compound into a 2-week delay.


The team at PSA are working tirelessly to ensure the impact of raw materials such as batteries are minimised in our production.  Furthermore, we aim to be fully stocked across our product range leading to end of this year.  In these challenging times, we will see a continuous supply of our products from October.

Due to COVID restrictions, both imported and local freight network is experiencing extreme delivery delays across the country.  This is resulting in delays on orders.  We are working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.