To reset Your Hilook Systems password, A Device ID file needs to be extracted from the system and sent to PSA. This file is then converted into a Device ID key, which unlocks the ability to reset the password.

To extract the Device ID file SADP must be installed on a PC or Mac connected to the same network

If you have already extracted a device ID file, please click the following link to skip to the form submission.

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Step 1

Ensure your PC/MAC are connected to the same network as the NVR. This can be either via WIFI or LAN or direct connection to the back of the device from your POC or MAC.

Step 2

Download SADP and Install SADP onto your PC/MAC

Download SADP For PC Download SADP For MAC

Step 3

Run SADP in administrator mode.

Step 4

You should see your device listed in the program (See Image) (if you cannot see a device in the list, please refer to step 1)

Step 5

Select your device from the list, then Select “forgot password” on the bottom right hand of the screen

Step 6

On the popup window, in the dropdown box, ensure export/import device feature code mode is selected

Step 7

Click the “Export device feature code file” button.

Step 8

A popup will appear to save the file to your PC/MAC. Choose a location then click save, leave the reset password popup open.

Step 9

Provide your details in the form below. After completing and accepting the terms, we will email you. Respond to the email with the Device ID file and A copy of your driver’s licence. 

We will review your details and start the process to generate a reset key, this may take up to 2 hours.

Once approved and the process is complete, we will reply with a password reset key with additional instructions.

Site (Country/Territory):
Please include information about the system you need reset.