The best thing is to take a photo of the front and back of the unit and send the image to enquiry@psaproducts.com.au or sales@psaproducts.com.au.

The technical team will get in touch with you with your model and possible solutions.

No.  But you may be able to utilise your existing wiring, saving you any additional installation costs incurred from installer / contractor.

We recommend you have this checked by an electrician.

If you have a PANQ816 or PANQ916 system you may be able to utilise the existing wiring (provided it has kept its integrity) with the PAN820 or PAN830 Video Intercom System.  However, we recommend you have this checked by a qualified electrician.

If you have the PANQ800 series, you will have to have it rewired to use the PAN820 or PAN830 system.

If you prefer to stay with Audio only intercom system, we can recommend the FAR1CKSD, however this will also require rewiring.

The PAN830SK has a touch screen and you can take a photograph and store it in memory as well as having the option of adding on 2 X CCTV camera (D1 resolution) and record video images of up to 2 minutes at the front door if button is pressed. (SD micro is required for this feature).

4 wires between door station & monitor.

2 wires are required from door station to electric strike.

Yes, time/date can be turned off.

Enter MENU>>>SYSTEM>>>INFORMATION and turn Sleep mode ON.

Note: By turning off the time/date off, it also deactivates the missed call feature.

The Internal Monitor PAN820M may be in SLAVE mode and needs to be set into MASTER mode.


Depending on how many monitors you have in the system, the 1st monitor (the monitor directly connected to door) must always be set as MASTER. All other monitors must be set as SLAVE.


If you only have one monitor in the system, this must be set as MASTER.


To set the correct mode, activate the monitor by pressing the MONITOR button.

Press the top rocker switch on the right side of monitor, continue pressing until you reach MODE.

Slide the rocker switch to toggle between MASTER and SLAVE mode.

Yes, you can have up to 3 internal monitors for PAN820 series and 4 internals monitors for PAN830 series on one system.

Yes, you can have up to 2 door stations on the one system.

The Item Part Number is PAN820SC for Surface Mount or PAN820FC for Flush mount.

Yes, you can add the GEMGK310 door flush mount latch or the GEMGK350 surface mount latch and wire it in existing system but you will need 2 wires to go to front door station for full operational control.

Yes, you can as long as you are using the same 4 wire system you can.

PAN830M must be set as MASTER and PAN820M set as SLAVE.

No, it is best to use the new power supply that comes with the Video Intercom as the Video Intercom System runs off a 12 V DC power adapter.

Ideally a shielded 4 core cable RG59 for 100m and over 4 x 0.5mm diameter.

For less than 50m you can use a standard CAT5E or CAT6 but you will need to double up the pairs.

Don’t forget to use the figure 8 cable for any additional door latch you need to install.

You can order the PAN820FC/KP, PAN820FK/KP or PAN830FK/KP giving you a possibility of 500 user codes.

Additionally you can also order the PRESCO KITS for access entry with a RFID FOB or the FARFISA range of access keypads.

Yes, this is the Farfisa Duo System which comes in audio or video/audio and if you need to add a door latch you will need to run an additional 2 wires from the door latch through to the front door station. (The 2 wire system we recommend to use the 8471 Belden cable).

Yes we do. We can provide the FARFISA System solutions.

Email your plans & details to sales@psaproducts.com.au and our technical department will be in touch with you.

Please refer to the applicable product manual.

This could be due to:

1) the 1st monitor must always be set as MASTER. Any additional monitors must be set as a SLAVE.

Please download the correct model manual and follow the instructions within.


2) if you are installing an HD version monitor with the older analog door station, you must reboot the monitor through the menu system.

Go to system information and select “reboot”. The monitor will automatically find the correct setting for the old door station.