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Timely alerts are the best safeguard against the threat of fire. PSA HomeGuard smoke alarms are designed to provide high-performance and cost-effective fire safety solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

These alarms are renowned for their functionality, reliability, ease of installation, and ability to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring the protection of lives and property.

Reliable and Versatile Fire Safety Solutions

PSA Homeguard is a smoke alarm with photoelectric technology, which can operate as individual units or interconnect systems with up to 24 units. It is approved to Australian standards and Is compatible with most Australian homes, providing early detection and warning to keep you and your loved ones safe.

• Optimal Functionality and Durability: The PSA HomeGuard smoke alarm is built to last, providing reliable protection over time.
• Regulatory Compliance: : Our smoke alarms meet Australian safety standards, ensuring your home is compliant with regulations.
• Convenient Installation: : With easy one-time installation, PSA HomeGuard smoke alarms offer hassle-free setup for any home.
• User-Friendly Features: : PSA HomeGuard smoke alarms include test and hush buttons, easy battery replacement, and clear visual indicators, making them simple to maintain and test regularly.
• Advanced Detection Technology : Utilising the latest photoelectric smoke detection technology, PSA HomeGuard alarms provide fast and accurate alerts, ensuring early warning of potential fires for maximum safety.

Access our comprehensive guides and FAQs to help you choose, install, and maintain your PSA HomeGuard smoke alarm system.

• Smoke Alarm FAQ Page
• How-To Guide For Smoke Alarms

Ensuring Your Safety Every Day

At PSA Products, we are committed to providing the highest safety standards for every home and business. Protect your loved ones and property with our reliable, top-quality smoke alarm solutions.

Explore our PSA HomeGuard smoke alarms and enhance your fire safety setup with dependable, affordable devices and accessories.