Where You Should Place Your Carbon Monoxide Detector


A carbon monoxide alarm is the only sure-fire way to detect this otherwise undetectable gas. As carbon monoxide exposure can lead to debilitating injury or death, this modest life-saving device is worth the small financial investment. But there’s not much point in owning a carbon monoxide detector if it’s not fit for purpose or you […]

A Comprehensive Guide On Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Monoxide Alarms


In 2015, two British children were enjoying a family holiday on the picturesque island of Corfu. One night they went to bed but never woke. Their cause of death was due to the emission of carbon monoxide produced by a boiler without suitable ventilation. The story is one of many devastating incidents of people that […]

The What, Why, and How-To Guide for Smoke Alarms


Being trapped and caught in a house fire is a horrifying tragedy. Sadly, a study from 2019 confirmed that more Australians die in residential fires on average than by other natural hazards combined. It also highlighted that many of these deaths could have been prevented, which is why every household should have smoke alarms. What […]

Top 7 Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays


While Christmas is cause for celebration, the festive season sadly sees an increase in house fires each year. Along with the warm December weather, seasonal traditions like backyard barbeques, Christmas trees, candles, cooking, and fairy lights all add an extra element of risk. Don’t let the holidays end in tragedy. Follow these seven sensible fire […]

A Step-By-Step Guide To Burglar-Proof Your Home


Every year, 4.3% of Aussie households experience a break-in event. Burglaries occur more frequently than most people realise—and for the unprepared, it’s only a matter of time. But the good news is with proper prevention and awareness, you can greatly reduce the risk of unwanted visitors entering your home. Follow this step-by-step security guide to […]

Choosing A CCTV System For Your Business: What To Consider


Retail crime—vandalism, burglary, shoplifting, and the like —collectively costs Aussie businesses an eye-watering $9 billion per year. While a CCTV system won’t completely diminish the risk of your business falling victim to crime, it’s a simple and affordable solution that goes a long way towards keeping the criminals at bay. As there’s a bewildering array […]

8 Most Common Safety Hazards You Should Be Aware Of


Even though your home seems safe and secure, there are more hidden dangers than you think. An Australia-based study found that 44% of reported injuries occur at home, and that statistic skyrockets to 75% for children under five. With that in mind, it is worth taking precautionary measures to minimise the risk of harm. In […]

Cheap vs. Quality Smoke Alarms: What’s The Difference?

Online marketplaces and big box stores flog smoke alarms for as little as $20 these days. While these rock bottom rates are tempting for consumers, is it worth risking your safety to save a small sum of cash? The truth is, these cut-price smoke alarms don’t perform as well as the established, trusted brands from […]