IntelLink CCTV Systems and NDAA Requirements

In today’s interconnected world, security and compliance are paramount concerns for businesses and institutions alike.  Although not a requirement for standard commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, concerns of privacy and security are at the forefront of everyone’s mind and a CCTV system being NDAA adds another layer of peace of mind. That’s why PSA is […]

How To Choose the Right CCTV For You

In today’s world, CCTV systems are increasingly playing a foundational role in security setups for homes, businesses and public areas alike. They are designed to deter threats, provide visibility and collect data to help you secure your space. However, there are many types of CCTVs available and choosing the right one can be confusing. As […]

Tackling The Beep – What to Do When Your Smoke Alarm False Alarms

Welcome to a guide on addressing the unwelcome beeps – when your smoke alarm triggers without an apparent reason. False alarms can be annoying, but with the right steps, you can prevent them and keep your home safe and peaceful. Let’s dive into some practical solutions to manage and avoid these false alerts. Understanding False […]

The Advantages of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms play a pivotal role when it comes to ensuring the safety of our homes and loved ones. Among the different types available, the photoelectric smoke alarm has gained popularity for its efficiency and reliability. Before deciding on the best alarm for your home, it’s essential to understand the benefits of the photoelectric type. […]

Wired VS Wireless Alarm Systems – Which Is Best?

Security is a significant concern for both homeowners and businesses and having a reliable alarm system is critical for protecting one’s property and loved ones. When it comes to alarm systems, there are two main types to choose from, namely wired and wireless alarm systems. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, the user’s […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Video Intercom System?

In an age when security and convenience have become an essential part of our lives, video intercom systems have emerged as an excellent solution. These advanced systems combine traditional intercom functionality with cutting-edge video technology, providing numerous benefits in residential and commercial settings. From increased security to improved communication efficiency, a video intercom system offers […]

Why Is My Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent, deadly gas that significantly threatens human health and safety. To safeguard against this danger, businesses rely on carbon monoxide detectors to alert them when CO levels become hazardous. When a carbon monoxide detector starts beeping, it’s crucial to understand its reasons and take immediate action to ensure the well-being […]

5 Ways To Stay Safe While Living Alone

From the additional freedom to the ability to set your schedule, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to living alone and having your own space. Unfortunately, living alone can also increase your risk of potentially dangerous situations, such as break-ins and robberies, whether you’re at home or spend most of your time outside […]

IP Surveillance vs Analogue Surveillance Systems

A suitable surveillance system can go a long way toward protecting your home or office. Not only do these valuable safeguards catch would-be intruders in the act, but they also serve as a powerful deterrent. Studies have found that most burglars will move onto a softer target upon spotting a CCTV system. Two main types […]