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Over 25 Years of Unmatched Reliability in Fire Safety

For more than a quarter-century, Australians have trusted LIFESAVER® Smoke Alarms for their reliability and innovative technology in fire prevention. Our commitment to constant innovation has made LIFESAVER a household name, trusted by industry professionals and homeowners alike.

Comprehensive Range Tailored to Your Needs

Our Australian-designed PSA LIFESAVER Smoke Alarm series offers a full range of alarms to suit any environment or installation requirement, from mains-powered or battery-powered units, interconnected or stand-alone, and wired or wireless capabilities.

Extending our safety net, PSA also supplies sophisticated carbon monoxide detectors, heat alarms, and other fire safety accessories, offering comprehensive protection for every corner of your home.

Customised Solutions: Our diverse range ensures a perfect fit for every home and requirement.

Designed for Australian Conditions: Products explicitly crafted to meet the unique challenges of Australian homes.

Innovative Detection Technology: Rapid and reliable detection mechanisms for early warning and peace of mind.

Adherence to Australian Standards (AS 3786:2014): Our products meet and often exceed national safety standards.

Guaranteed Safety and Satisfaction: The safety of your home and loved ones is our utmost priority.

Access our comprehensive guides and FAQs to help choose and maintain your LIFESAVER fire alarm.


Empowering You to Protect What Matters Most

At PSA Products, we're committed to the highest fire safety standards for every home. Ensure the safety of your loved ones and property with our reliable and top-quality fire safety solutions. Choose peace of mind; choose LIFESAVER today.

Upgrade Your Home Safety With LIFESAVER® Australia