Case Study:

Eliminating False Alarms with Lifesaver 6800 Range in Toowoomba, Queensland

Jarad VonHoff, the homeowner in Toowoomba, Queensland, encountered issues with false alarms in his residence, prompting him to seek a solution to ensure the safety and reliability of his smoke alarm.

Problem Identification:

Jarad moved into his residence in late 2021 and initially lived without any issues for a year. However, a sudden occurrence of random false alarms disrupted his peace of mind, happening mainly at 3 am and occasionally during the day. These false alarms occurred 2 or 3 times a month, prompting Jarad to take action.

Diagnostic Phase:

Jarad reached out to the builder who, in turn, connected him with PSA for assistance. PSA responded by supplying Jarad with test alarms with the new Advanced sensor installed on-site for an extended period. During this time, no false alarms were recorded, providing crucial insights into the effectiveness of the new Advanced sensor technology in the Lifesaver 6800 range


After confirming the success of the test phase, PSA replaced the test models with production models. Since the installation of the production models, there have been no reported instances of false alarms. Jarad expressed his satisfaction with PSA’s service, particularly praising Peter for his exceptional assistance. Jarad, with an engineering background, appreciated Peter’s ability to explain the issues clearly and keep him informed throughout the process.

I found Peter’s service was exceptional. He was happy to explain over the phone and in person the problems. He was very easy to understand and kept me in the loop. I have an engineering background, so I really appreciated his service.”

– Jarad VonHoff

Current Status:

As of the latest update, Jarad continues to live without any instances of false alarms. The case study highlights the success of the Lifesaver 6800 range with Advanced sensor technology in addressing and eliminating false alarms, showcasing PSA’s commitment to delivering reliable and effective safety solutions.

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