Case Study:

Relieving False Alarms with Lifesaver 6800 Range in Terrigal, NSW

Roz Fuller, a homeowner in Terrigal, NSW, encountered challenges with false alarms in her residence, prompting a proactive solution-seeking approach to ensure the safety and tranquillity of her home.

Problem Identification:

In late 2021, Roz upgraded all 10 smoke alarms from old models installed in 1999. However, during large wet weather events in early 2022, false alarms started to occur randomly, between 1-3 am disrupting Roz’s sleep.

After enduring two months of sleep deprivation, Roz conducted research and discovered that PSA had been addressing similar problems, prompting her to contact us for assistance.

Diagnostic Phase:

PSA responded to Roz’s request by installing test alarms in November 2022. PSA tech support identified through initial investigation, that these false alarms were occurring due to high humidity levels which occur during late summer in this area of NSW. This is a common problem that has been identified with the standard photoelectric smoke alarm.

After the initial diagnosis, Peter Keenan attended the site, offering Roz the option to test the new alarms. Following the installation of the test alarms, Roz experienced no further false alarms, providing crucial evidence of the effectiveness of the new Advance Sensor technology in the Lifesaver 6800 range.


Encouraged by the success of the test alarms, Roz opted to proceed with the installation of production models in November 2023. Since the deployment of the production models, there have been no reported instances of false alarms.

The new smoke alarms have provided Roz with peace of mind, uninterrupted sleep, and a reliable safety system in her residence.

Current Status:

As of the latest update, the production models installed in November 2023 continue to operate seamlessly without triggering any false alarms.

The case study highlights the success  in addressing and eliminating false alarms, showcasing PSA’s commitment to delivering reliable and effective safety solutions.

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