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There are new regulation changes surrounding the use of smoke alarms in Caravans in Queensland. Read more about these changes below.

From 1 July 2024, all newly registered or transferred caravans and motorhomes in Queensland must have a photoelectric smoke alarm installed on the ceiling. By 1 July 2027, this requirement will extend to all other registered caravans and motorhomes.

According to the law, newly registered or transferred caravans and motorhomes must have a smoke alarm on the ceiling, powered by a 10-year non-removable battery. QFES advises placing at least one working photoelectric smoke alarm inside the van near the bed, and one in the annexes if used for sleeping.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) also strongly recommends that unregistered caravans, motorhomes, and mobile homes have a working smoke alarm to ensure early fire detection and safety.

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The PSA Lifesaver LIFPE10LP is a photoelectric smoke alarm powered by a 10-year non-replaceable lithium battery and is already a preferred choice for many caravans across Australia due to its low profile and sleek design.

Large Silence and Test Button

Easy to operate single button on the smoke alarm. The whole alarm cover is a button and allows for simple user operation.

10 year Sealed Lithium Battery

A built-in non-replaceable battery ensures peace of mind for the life of the smoke alarm.

Award Winning low profile design

This smoke alarm has been championed as a Red Dot Award winner whereby the best products are awarded for being aesthetically pleasing, functional, smart or innovative and are united by their outstanding design quality.