Protect Your Life With The Homeguard HG3000

For over 30 years, PSA has been safeguarding Australian families with a wide range of state-of-the-art fire & security devices. And now, with the release of the brand new Homeguard HG3000 photoelectric smoke alarm, homeowners have a more sophisticated smoke alarm at their disposal.

The HG3000 model features updated circuitry, which makes it more resilient against ripple control systems and electrical interferences. As a result, it’s more reliable than ever before.

An Easy One-Time Installation

The HG3000 is a mains powered device with a 9V battery as a backup. A licensed electrician can install the device onto a wall or ceiling in a matter of minutes! All they need to do is fit it onto the easy slide base plate and connect to the main power via a 3-pin terminal block. It’s powered by a 240V AC 50Hz sine wave supply, which is suitable for almost all Australian homes.

Complies With Australian Standards

The HG3000 complies with the AS3786:2014 Australian Standard, is Activfire Approved, an Australian Standards Certified Product, and holds Australian Electrical Authority Approval. Furthermore, the smoke alarm can be used for 2017 Queensland smoke alarm legislation because it supports connectivity with up to 24 devices. Homeowners must install interconnected devices throughout several sections of the home.

Complying with current federal and state requirements provides homeowners and tenants with valuable legal protection in the event of a fire.

A Safe And Hassle Free System

The HG3000’s photo-optical sensing technology is designed to rapidly detect the most common types of house fires. Should it detect smoke on the premises, the alarm will ring at 85 dB, which is enough to awaken home owners from even the most profound slumber. The alarm will continue to sound until the smoke has cleared from its chambers, at which time it will automatically reset.

However, the householder can quickly silence or hush the unit in the event of a false alarm – such as a kitchen mishap – by pressing the hush button. This feature mutes the alarm for 10-15 minutes, by which time the smoke should have cleared. In the event of a power failure occurring before a fire, the alarm will continue to function thanks to its in-built 9VDC backup battery. Householders will be alerted should the backup battery run flat by an intermittent beep and flashing lights.

The HG3000 is also designed to minimise false alarms specifically to insects and bugs that may enter the smoke alarm.  The sensing chamber is protected by a fine bug mesh to stop small insects from falsely activating the smoke alarm, giving you peace of mind, and reducing nuisance alarms.

Boasting optimal functionality, durability, regulatory compliance, and convenience, the HG3000 is the best photoelectric smoke alarm yet.

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