PING5W 3G Wireless Alarm System

Perfect for the home or business, the PING5W alarm system is completely wireless and easy to install with all kit components pre-programmed and ready to operate straight out of the box. Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit and have full mobile control of the system via the G5W app designed for Apple or Android smart phones.

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Panacom 830SK Video Intercom System

Surface mounted colour camera with a 7" touchscreen LCD monitor that can connect to 2 CCTV Cameras and 2 alarm sensors which can trigger recording if SD Card is fitted. Weather Resistant with 110 degree wide angle lens.

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WIFI IP Indoor & Outdoor Camera

Introducing our latest product - WIFI IP Indoor or Outdoor Cameras which can be set up in 3 simple and easy steps. Monitor your home from your smart phone with live remote viewing, dual day and night lens and receive notifications via email or app with advanced PIR motion detection!

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Have issues with your smoke alarm?  
Click here for Smoke Alarm FAQs

How old are your smoke alarms?

It is recommended by Australian Standards and Fire Departments that smoke alarms be replaced after 10 years.

-  Both hard-wired and battery operated smoke alarms are manufactured to have a recommended service life of at least 10 years under normal conditions of use (AS3786)

-  After 10 years smoke alarms may malfunction and their efficiency compromised with accumulated dust, insects, airborne contaminents and corrosion of electrical circuitry.

-  A smoke alarm constantly monitors the air 24 hours a day. At the end of 10 years, it has gone through millions of monitoring cycles. After this much use, components may become less reliable.  This means that as the smoke alarm gets older, the potential of failing to detect a fire increases.


Introducing our latest product
The YESCAM 717 Indoor IP Wifi Camera

Watch an introduction and how to set up 3 easy steps here!

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