Lifesaver Silhouette Flush Smoke Alarm

The new PSA Lifesaver Silhouette LIF5800RF Smoke Alarm is designed in conjunction with interior designers, architects and electrical contractors to ensure it is has the most modern, slim-line design. It is the smallest profile mains operated smoke alarm ever produced.

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Remote Test & Hush Plate

Our Remote Test & Hush Plate is a great way to test or hush smoke alarms that are out of reach. It's wall mounted and all your smoke alarms can be connected to it!

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Pinkerton Economy CCTV Kit

The new Pinkerton CCTV Kit is quality at a great price. It comes with 4 cameras which can be used indoor or outdoor, an 8 Channel DVR and 500GB HDD. Perfect for your home, office, warehouse or shop!

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There are two types of smoke alarms
Photoelectric VS Ionisation
Photoelectric smoke alarms are preferred by the Fire Department & FPA, they should be installed in living areas & near kitchens as they are best for detecting smouldering fires.  Ionisation smoke alarms are best for detecting flaming fires, and should installed in bedroom areas.  Click here for a location guide & more information on the differences.

60 Minutes had a fantastic segment on the 19 October 2014 with regards to Photoelectric & Ionisation Smoke Alarms.  Click here to view the story.   Our smoke alarms are available at all Electrical Wholesalers - click here to see which stores stock our LIFESAVER Smoke Alarms

As of May 2014, regulations state that all new non-moveable dwellings are to have interconnecting smoke alarms, so that if one goes off, they all go off!  Click here for more info...