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Brookton Shire Offices, Western Australia


Ryan Terpstra, Full Power Electrics


The Shire required increased internet speed at shire depot workshop without having to run new internet cabling. The existing service provided an extremely slow download speed of 1Mbps at the workshop. As the workshop will soon be undergoing major upgrades, the Shire required a cost-effective solution as a short/medium-term solution.

Internet speeds at the main office is very good however the main office was 418m away from the workshop and line of sight was impacted due to significant tree foliage between the 2 buildings.


A pair of IP-COM’s AP625 outdoor point to point access points were deployed. These devices were selected for their highperformance specs of 5GHz frequency, maximum wireless speed of 433Mbps and a 16dBi directional antenna maximising reliable connection of up to 10km.

Both AP625’s was installed on a 4m mast mounted on the roof of the main office & depot workshop however there was concern as clear line of sight was still affected by the tree foliage between the buildings.


Despite the tree foliage, the result was an outstanding success with download speeds at the workshop increasing to 31.43 Mbps which was only marginally down from the Shire Office speed of 31.65 Mbps. Brookton Shire and the electrical contractor were very satisfied with the cost-effective solution provided by PSA’s IPCom product solution.



5GHz 11AC 433Mbps Outdoor Point to Point CPE

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