How Do I Maintain and Clean My Smoke Alarm?

To ensure efficient and effective protection for your home, it’s important that the battery is checked regularly and smoke alarm is kept clean from contaminants.

Every Month

Test your smoke alarm using the test/hush button and check the batteries with mains power switched off. Clean the alarm by removing dust and insects.

Every 3 Months

Vacuum each smoke alarm thoroughly using the crevice tool attachment to clear any loose contaminates from inside the unit.
Spray insect repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm. Never spray insect repellent directly at a smoke alarm as that will trigger an alarm.
Once you’ve completed each clean, be sure to re-test the smoke alarm to ensure it is operational.

Every Year

Smoke alarms operating on 9v batteries or with 9v battery backups, should have their batteries replaced every year. Always replace with new 9v batteries from a reputable battery brand to ensure that the unit can function correctly. Only working smoke alarms save lives.
Tip – Set an annual reminder in your phone’s calendar to replace your smoke alarm batteries or use a common date that’s is easy to remember (eg. birthdays, end or start of daylight savings)

Every 10 Years

All smoke alarms have a 10 year service life. After that period, the entire smoke alarm unit must be replaced with a new one.
All of our smoke alarms have a date of manufacture printed on them so you’ll know when they should be replaced. New model smoke alarms with a long lasting lithium battery have a 10 year lifespan to ensure you and your family have the highest level of protection.

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