Outdoor Security Cameras: A Must For Every Home

Outdoor Security Cameras

Break-ins at Australian homes have increased for the first time in over ten years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found. A total of 194,100 homes were broken into during the last financial year – which is an increase of 1.7% compared to the 2020-21 financial year.

With so many incidents occurring across the nation, it’s only a matter of time before your house becomes a target.

The most surefire way to protect your property is an outdoor security camera system. Here are six reasons why the humble home security camera is a must-have addition to any Australian home.

Deter Would-Be Burglars

Prevention is better than cure. While the evidence obtained from a home security camera can help police build a case against the perpetrator, a camera is much more effective at preventing crime before it occurs.

Most robbers will move onto a softer target the moment they see a camera outside a home. For this reason, it’s crucial to position your set-up so the cameras are easily visible from the street.

As the front door is the most common entry point, a camera by the doorbell serves as a powerful deterrent. Placing warning signs around the property also helps send a menacing message to potential crims.

Monitor Your Home

Security cameras don’t just keep tabs on the bad guys. Parents can use outdoor cameras to monitor their children, checking in sporadically to ensure they’re playing safe and no strangers have entered the yard.

CCTV cameras also let you check when your children come home from school or even catch them in the act of sneaking out late at night. Some more modern, technologically-advanced systems let you view the cameras remotely in real time. Therefore, you can see what’s going on from the office or anywhere around town.

Outdoor cameras aren’t just handy for checking in on the kids. You could use them to monitor elderly householders or even family pets.

See Who’s Visiting

Are you worried about strangers attempting to access your home while you’re out?

A security camera system can help alleviate your concerns. Many set-ups can be configured to send notifications to your smartphone when they detect movement outside or a doorbell press. That way, you can keep a detailed video-captured record of everyone who visits your home.

This benefit comes in handy when legitimate guests visit your home, too. A high-tech camera system can send a push notification to your phone when friends pop in, or the mailman delivers that long-awaited package.

Even if you don’t buy an advanced internet-enabled system capable of sending automatic notifications, you’ll still get a video record of anyone dropping by.

Obtain Valuable Evidence

If you’re unlucky enough to get robbed despite installing security cameras, all hope is not lost. The video evidence you’ve captured can help police crack the case, which may result in the safe return of your precious stolen goods.

A US study found that 65% of burglars know their victims. As such, identifying the culprit is often rather easy.

Unfortunately, the chances of catching the perpetrator are slim if you don’t have a security camera system. Burglaries occur so frequently in Australia police can’t afford to dedicate many resources towards solving these crimes. In the ACT, the cops won’t even attend the scene of a burglary—the householder must fill in an online form to obtain a report.

Reduce Your Home & Contents Insurance Premiums

While security cameras cost money to install, they could save a considerable sum in the long run. Most Australian insurers will lower their premiums for homeowners with a suitable security system.

The exact reduction depends on the nature of your system and your specific insurer. On the whole, cameras alone can reduce annual premiums by 5-10%. Throw in a security alarm, and you could enjoy a 10-20% reduction.

Those savings could make the security system pay for itself in just a few years—and you’ll continue reaping the benefits for many more to come.

Nonetheless, every insurer has different policies in place. Contact yours to determine what reductions they offer before installing cameras as a long-term cost-saving investment.

Building a Smart Home

Most modern cameras can integrate with an existing smart home set-up to optimise security and convenience. A smart home, or home automation, allows you to control various technological components through a single, easy-to-use interface.

The householder can perform various tasks via a tablet-like central control panel, an electronic personal assistant (e.g. Amazon’s Alexa), or a smartphone app. That way, you can perform functions like activating alarms, locking doors, turning off the A/C, monitoring cameras, dimming the lights, or switching on the TV. Best of all, the user can do this with a press of a button from anywhere in the world.

Reputable CCTV suppliers will provide bespoke advice on how to build a smart home system from scratch.

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