Why An Intercom System Is Good Protection For Your Home

Why An Intercom System Is Good Protection For Your Home

Most homeowners purchase an intercom to save time. Instead of walking to the front of the house to answer the door, the user can monitor and interact with a visitor via its audio-enabled LCD screen. This hassle-free, time-saving function is additionally beneficial for people with large houses or frequent visitors.

Not only is a video intercom system convenient, but this handy piece of tech can also help safeguard your home. In this post, we will discuss the various ways in which a video intercom can help protect you and your loved ones.

It Will Deter Would-Be Burglars

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 200,000 break-ins and attempted break-ins occur each year. Surveys have found that the vast majority of burglars will move onto a softer target upon discovering that a security system is in place in a particular residential home.

While a video intercom doesn’t provide quite the same protection as a dedicated CCTV system, it still serves as a potent deterrent. The burglar knows there is a good chance of being caught on film and will most likely abandon the break-in.

You Can Connect CCTV Cameras

To ramp up the deterrence factor, some intercom units, like the Panacom Intercom, allow you to add on CCTV cameras. That way, you have a video intercom and a home surveillance system rolled into one.

Placing multiple CCTV cameras around your property will protect it in numerous ways. Burglars are more likely to notice big CCTV cameras and will assume they are recording 24/7. Furthermore, multiple cameras allow you to monitor several parts of your property simultaneously so you can cover all the most common access points.


You Can Record Doorbell Presses

Most video intercoms come with an in-built hard drive or a removable SSD card for storing images. The safety-savvy user will program the intercom system to snap a picture automatically every time somebody presses the doorbell.

With this photographic evidence, you can see who has attempted to gain access while you were out and evaluate the risk. Some of the more high-tech devices send push-button notifications to your smartphone to let you monitor the visitor in real-time.

You Can See Who Is At the Door

Not all burglars attempt to rob a house when nobody is home. A statistical analysis by Budget Direct found that an alarming 11.8% of break-ins saw the victim experience a confrontation with the perpetrator.

Many home invaders gain entry by ringing the front doorbell and forcing their way inside. A video intercom lets you monitor who is at the door beforehand to avoid inadvertently letting them in. And if you would rather not let the visitor know that you are at home, you can choose to remain silent.

You Can Speak To Guests Remotely

In many situations, the safest course of action is to speak to the visitor first to determine their identity. Once you have established it is someone you can trust (for example, a courier or food delivery driver you have been expecting), you may then decide to let them in.

Most modern intercoms come with a two-way audio feature that lets you converse with the visitor from inside your home. This feature works in conjunction with the video feed to allow you to authenticate the visitor’s identity both visually and audibly.

You Can Monitor Young Children
A video intercom system doesn’t just protect your home from unsavoury types. With a little configuration, it is possible to use the technology to keep an eye on your children.

Many young families set up their intercom to serve as a baby monitor, allowing the parents to keep tabs on their newborns. Another option is to position a camera in the children’s favourite play areas, whether it is the upstairs rumpus room or out in the backyard. That way, you can see what they are up to and respond rapidly should you detect any danger.

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