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Australia’s East Coast’s tropical weather and high humidity levels have wreaked havoc on smoke alarms industry-wide, causing irregular amounts of false alarming.

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The Problem: Humidity and Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms located in coastal Queensland and Northern NSW were randomly triggered – mainly early morning.

The Cause: 3am False Alarms 

Commonly occurring between 1-5 am, trapped humid air cools and condenses within the smoke alarm, when temperatures at night reach the dew point.

Solution: An Advanced Detection Sensor

The PSA Lifesaver Advance Sensor.

Another PSA innovation The new Lifesaver 240V model is a completely new design incorporating the Advance Sensor chamber.  The sensor is designed specifically for Australian conditions, enabling the models LIF6800 and LIF6800RL to withstand high temperatures and extreme humidity levels.

Resistance To Moisture Triggers

The Advance Sensor has been specially designed to be resistant to moisture-related triggers that commonly occur during high-humidity events.

Anti Static Chamber

The chamber of the new Advance Sensor is equipped with an anti-static feature, effectively repelling dust, minimising the chance of dust accumulation and false alarms.

Reduced Insect Mesh

The insect mesh of the Advance Sensor has been minimised, to decrease the chance of bugs triggering false alarms, without compromising the detection performance of the alarm.



Faults over 12 months in 40+ sites.


Faults and tech calls.

From October 2022, rigorous testing and trials of the Advance Sensor smoke alarms were conducted across 40 different sites in previously problematic coastal locations throughout Queensland, Northern NSW, and WA. The field trials were a resounding success. 

Tested and approved to Australian Standards the new LIF6800 and LIF6800RL models were launched in September 2023.

10 Alarms In One Home


Roz Fuller,
Terrigal, NSW

Roz Fuller, a homeowner in Terrigal, NSW, encountered challenges with false alarms in her residence, prompting a proactive solution-seeking approach to ensure the safety and tranquillity of her home.

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False Alarms in Miners Lodging


Hayden Wright,
Glencore Miners Camp, QLD

Hayden Wright, former Maintenance Manager of Glencore Miners Camp, faced challenges with false alarms triggered by suspected humidity issues in the camp’s single-bedroom units, known as “Dongas.”

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3am False Alarms in A New Build


Jarad VonHoff
Toowoomba, QLD

Jarad VonHoff, the homeowner in Toowoomba, Queensland, encountered issues with false alarms in his residence, prompting him to seek a solution to ensure the safety and reliability of his smoke alarm.

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Further testing of the LIF6800 and LIF6800RL, with upgraded and production-made models have produced 0 false alarms reported – as of the 10th of January 2024.


240V with 9V
backup battery

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240V with 10-year

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Developed for Australian Conditions

  • Trialled and tested in Australia
  • Advanced Sensor Technology – Reducing False Alarms
  • Improved Air Flow
  • Anti-static Sensor to repel dust
  • Fine Bug Mesh
  • Easy install
  • PSA compatible with 6000 series
  • Model LIF6800RL approved for use by the Department of Housing NSW, QLD, SA and WA


With over 40,000+ units sold:

ZERO Returns.

ZERO Tech Calls.

The LIF6800 and LIF6800RL officially launched in August 2023.

PSA is pleased to report a 0% return rate and 0 tech support calls on these alarms. (as of Jan 2024).

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