4 Benefits Of Installing Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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While we are all very aware of the dangers of smoke inhalation and the destructive power of fires, there is an odourless, invisible toxic gas that can also be present as a deadly killer in our homes. Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is produced when fossil fuels (commonly used in our houses) fail to combust properly.

If you burn fuel in fireplaces, gas ranges, stoves, grills as well as cars and trucks, CO can build up. When found indoors, it can poison family, pets and people who breathe in this silent killer unless you invest in a carbon monoxide detector. Wholesale and retail suppliers of this essential product cannot emphasise enough the importance and key benefits that come with installing this device.

1. It will save lives

A 240v carbon monoxide alarm will offer ongoing monitoring of CO levels in the home, protecting you and your family even while sleeping. These alarms can be hardwired or battery powered and will emit a continuous beep if CO is detected. Equipped with a loud sound, the CO detector will alert the household to the presence of CO and allow you and the family (including family pets) to safely evacuate the home.

The alarm will sound before you even begin to experience the effects of CO poisoning such as dizziness, feeling sick, having a headache and generally feeling disoriented. Because the gas is not detected by odour, these symptoms could be put down to something else unless you have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.

2. Peace of mind

A large number of home appliances are sources of CO gas. These appliances will release CO into the atmosphere if they are faulty and malfunction. Fuel fired furnaces, dryers, gas heaters along with outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers or cars can release CO. Even if you keep up with your regular maintenance and checks, there is still the possibility that CO could be released without you being aware. Small amounts could build up over time without its presence being detected unless you fit a quality carbon monoxide detector purchased from a wholesale carbon monoxide detector supplier. There are hardwired and battery-operated devices that can quickly and easily be fitted to ensure this is one less area of safety within the home that you have to worry about.

One of the benefits of fitting these alarms is that it also shows that your appliances are working correctly and safely. A carbon monoxide detector provides 24-hour monitoring, keeping you safe and sound at all times.

3. Interconnectivity with other home alarm systems

Depending on your home requirements, you can fit a wired and battery back-up combination alarm, and they can alert you whether there is carbon monoxide, smoke or fire, as well as if the battery is low. They can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling and if the alarms are part of an interconnected system, when one alarm sounds, it will alert the others as well.

If you do get an alarm sounding, then it is important to get everyone outside at once. On the way out, make sure you open as many windows as possible to keep the fresh air circulating and then contact the relevant emergency services as soon as possible.

4. No false alarms

CO detectors are very reliable systems that you can depend on. The electronics that enable the device to monitor the CO levels in a property are stable even when faced with fluctuating temperatures and changing humidity levels. Therefore, it does not matter what the external climate conditions are as these alarms perform consistently well and don’t give out false alarms. To ensure these devices carry out years of reliable service, remember to check on them as part of your routine maintenance programme.

For an additional level of safety, get your local carbon monoxide detectors from a reputable and well-known supplier like PSA Products to ensure you have the best quality and standards possible. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out more.